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    Adil Asadov

    Oct 01, 1958 Quba 65 years old

    Azerbaijani scientist and philosopher

    Rashad Abdullayev

    Oct 01, 1981 Baku 42 years old

    Azerbaijani footballer

    Mansum Ibrahimov

    Oct 01, 1960 İmamqulubəyli 63 years old

    Azerbaijani singer, opera singer and actor

    Kazim Mammadov

    Oct 01, 1969 Böyük Mərcanlı Died on 15 Nov 1991 (aged 22)

    Azerbaijani soldier

    Arzu Rahimov

    Oct 01, 1964 Nakhchivan 59 years old

    Azerbaijani politician

    Vagif Bayatly Oner

    Oct 01, 1948 Böyük Mərcanlı 75 years old

    Azerbaijani writer

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