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    Mar 24, 1975 Batu 48 years old

    Indonesian singer and actress

    Ruhut Sitompul

    Mar 24, 1954 Medan 69 years old

    Indonesian actor and politician

    Abdul Kahar Muzakkar

    Mar 24, 1920 Sulawesi Died on 03 Feb 1965 (aged 44)

    Indonesian guerrilla leader

    Ellyas Pical

    Mar 24, 1960 Saparua 63 years old

    Indonesian boxer

    Minarti Timur

    Mar 24, 1968 Surabaya 55 years old

    badminton player

    S. Olvah Alhamid

    Mar 24, 1990 Kaimana 33 years old

    Indonesian model

    Jenna Gozali

    Mar 24, 1990 Surabaya 33 years old

    badminton player

    Mahmud Shah III of Johor

    Mar 24, 1756 Tanjung Pinang Died on 12 Jan 1811 (aged 54)

    15th Sultan of Johor

    Wirya Kumandra

    Mar 24, 1989 Jakarta 34 years old

    Indonesian footballer

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