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    Seno Gumira Ajidarma

    Jun 19, 1958 Boston 66 years old


    Ahmad Heryawan

    Jun 19, 1966 Sukabumi 58 years old

    governor of West Java, Indonesia

    Ahmad Yani

    Jun 19, 1922 Central Java Died on 01 Oct 1965 (aged 43)

    Indonesian general

    Retno Kustijah

    Jun 19, 1942 Kebumen 82 years old

    badminton player

    Arifin Tasrif

    Jun 19, 1953 Jakarta 71 years old

    Nia Zulkarnaen

    Jun 19, 1970 Jakarta 54 years old

    Indonesian actress

    Yustinus Pae

    Jun 19, 1983 Jayapura 41 years old

    Indonesian footballer

    O. C. Kaligis

    Jun 19, 1942 Makassar 82 years old

    Slamet Gundono

    Jun 19, 1966 Slawi Died on 05 Jan 2014 (aged 47)

    Indonesian puppeteer in Wayang Suket

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