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    Suresh Navaratnam

    Oct 07, 1975 Selangor 47 years old

    Malaysian cricketer

    Vijay Eswaran

    Oct 07, 1960 Penang 62 years old

    Malaysian businessman

    Bernard Giluk Dompok

    Oct 07, 1949 Penampang 73 years old

    Malaysian politician

    Khairul Ridzwan Othman

    Oct 07, 1991 Seremban 31 years old

    Malaysian footballer

    Tan Kok Wai

    Oct 07, 1957 Negeri Sembilan 65 years old

    Malaysian politician

    Aziz Ishak

    Oct 07, 1913 Perak Died on 01 Jan 1999 (aged 85)

    Malaysian politician

    Abang Openg

    Oct 07, 1905 Kuching Died on 28 Mar 1969 (aged 63)

    first Governor of the state of Sarawak, Malaysia

    Billy Law

    Oct 07, 1976 Ipoh 46 years old

    English footballer

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