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    Khir Johari

    Jan 29, 1923 Alor Setar Died on 19 Nov 2006 (aged 83)

    Malaysian politician and sports administrator

    Karamjit Singh

    Jan 29, 1962 61 years old

    Malaysian rally driver

    Ong Jian Guo

    Jan 29, 1989 Melaka 34 years old

    badminton player

    Allan Tai

    Jan 29, 1980 Kuala Lumpur 43 years old

    badminton player

    Anna Ryder Richardson

    Jan 29, 1964 Swansea 59 years old

    British interior designer and television presenter

    Faisal Rosli

    Jan 29, 1991 Kuala Rompin 32 years old

    association football player

    Alasdair Steedman

    Jan 29, 1922 Died on 02 Jan 1992 (aged 69)

    Royal Air Force air marshals

    Satwant Singh Dhaliwal

    Jan 29, 1933 Died on 06 Feb 2015 (aged 82)

    Malaysian geneticist, academic and author

    Shathiya Kandasamy

    Jan 29, 1990 Malaysia 33 years old

    Malaysian association football player

    Tuah Iskandar Jamaluddin

    Jan 29, 1987 Johor 36 years old

    association football player

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