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    Arifin Zakaria

    Oct 01, 1950 Pasir Mas 73 years old

    Chief Judge of the High Court of Malaya

    Che Chew Chan

    Oct 01, 1982 Johor Bahru 41 years old

    Olympic taekwondo practitioner

    Kisona Selvaduray

    Oct 01, 1998 Negeri Sembilan 25 years old

    badminton player

    Syamer Kutty Abba

    Oct 01, 1997 Penang 26 years old

    association football player

    Roger Tan

    Oct 01, 1961 Yong Peng 62 years old

    Malaysian lawyer

    Peter Velappan

    Oct 01, 1935 Died on 20 Oct 2018 (aged 83)

    General Secretary of the Asian Football Confederation

    Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman

    Oct 01, 1984 Klang 39 years old

    Malaysian motorcycle racer

    Rizal Ghazali

    Oct 01, 1992 Kedah 31 years old

    association football player

    Chermaine Poo

    Oct 01, 1978 Kuala Lumpur 45 years old

    Malaysian Actress, Emcee & TV Host. Qualified Chartered Accountant, Car Chick & Cupcake Connoisseur.

    Zuhair Aizat

    Oct 01, 1996 Pahang 27 years old

    K. Ravindran

    Oct 01, 1989 Port Dickson 34 years old


    Vanida Imran

    Oct 01, 1973 Perak 50 years old


    William San

    Oct 01, 1975 48 years old


    Boo Cheng Hau

    Oct 01, 1964 Johor 59 years old

    Malaysian politician

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