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    Ulises Humala

    Mar 02, 1959 Lima 65 years old

    Peruvian politician

    Luis Advíncula

    Mar 02, 1990 Chincha Alta 34 years old

    Peruvian association football player

    Roberto Dañino

    Mar 02, 1951 Lima 73 years old

    Peruvian Prime Minister

    Enrique Labo Revoredo

    Mar 02, 1939 Lima Died on 02 Jul 2014 (aged 75)

    Peruvian football referee

    Juan Carlos La Rosa

    Mar 02, 1980 Tumán District 44 years old

    Peruvian footballer

    José del Carmen Marín Arista

    Mar 02, 1899 Died on 06 Nov 1980 (aged 81)

    Peruvian military personnel (1899-1980)

    Cristian García (Peruvian footballer)

    Mar 02, 1981 Lima 43 years old

    Peruvian footballer, born 1981

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