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    Javier Diez Canseco

    Mar 24, 1948 Lima Died on 04 May 2013 (aged 65)

    Peruvian politician

    Yulissa Zamudio

    Mar 24, 1976 47 years old

    Peruvian volleyball player

    Eloy Ortiz

    Mar 24, 1961 Lima 62 years old

    Peruvian association football player

    Óscar Avilés

    Mar 24, 1924 Callao Died on 05 Apr 2014 (aged 90)

    Peruvian composer, singer and guitarist

    Raúl Valderrama

    Mar 24, 1914 Died on 01 Jan 0001 (aged 1913)

    Sports shooter

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