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    Begat Bushati

    Dec 11, 1981 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 42 years old

    Serbian footballer

    Aleksandar Stoimirović

    Dec 11, 1982 Kragujevac 41 years old

    Greek-Serbian footballer

    Nebojša Zlatarić

    Dec 11, 1953 Šabac Died on 22 Nov 2014 (aged 60)

    Serbian footballer

    Darko Ðukić

    Dec 11, 1994 Niš 29 years old

    Serbian handball player

    Miroslav Stanić

    Dec 11, 1993 Smederevo 30 years old

    Serbian footballer

    Lazar Kojić

    Dec 11, 1999 Serbia 24 years old

    association football player

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