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    Attaphol Buspakom

    Oct 01, 1962 Chon Buri Died on 16 Apr 2015 (aged 52)

    Thai footballer

    Karoon Sai-ngam

    Oct 01, 1952 Pang Ku 71 years old

    Thai senator

    Narong Wisetsri

    Oct 01, 1976 Bangkok 47 years old

    Thai footballer

    Usni Pramoj

    Oct 01, 1934 Died on 02 Apr 2017 (aged 82)

    Sermphan Khumthinkaew

    Oct 01, 1981 Ang Thong 42 years old

    Thai futsal player

    Jetsada Boonruangrod

    Oct 01, 1979 Suphanburi 44 years old

    Thai footballer

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