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    Octavio Mejías

    Jul 21, 1982 42 years old

    Olympic weightlifter

    Erwin Caraballo

    Jul 21, 1981 Cumaná 43 years old

    Olympic wrestler

    Diego Moreno

    Jul 21, 1987 Higuerote 37 years old

    Venezuelan baseball player

    Giamcarlos Betancourt

    Jul 21, 2000 Venezuela 24 years old

    association football player

    Jhonathan Camargo

    Jul 21, 1988 36 years old

    Venezuelan cyclist

    Carla Steinkopf

    Jul 21, 1973 Maracaibo 51 years old

    Miss Venezuela

    José Francisco González

    Jul 21, 1971 Puerto la Cruz 53 years old

    Venezuelan footballer

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