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    Román Recarte

    Jun 07, 1987 36 years old

    Venezuelan tennis player

    Lisandro Pérez

    Jun 07, 2000 San Fernando de Apure 23 years old

    Venezuelan professional footballer born 2000

    Migbelis Castellanos

    Jun 07, 1995 Cabimas 28 years old

    beauty pageant titleholder

    Olaya Pérez Pazo

    Jun 07, 1983 Caracas 40 years old

    Venezuelan beach volleyball player

    Ramón Volcán

    Jun 07, 1956 67 years old

    Olympic swimmer

    Bobby Marcano

    Jun 07, 1951 Caracas Died on 13 Nov 1990 (aged 39)

    Venezuelan baseball player

    Donaldo Méndez

    Jun 07, 1978 Barquisimeto 45 years old

    baseball player

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