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    Lê Đức Anh

    Dec 01, 1920 Thừa Thiên Huế Died on 22 Apr 2019 (aged 98)

    Vietnamese President

    Đỗ Bá Tỵ

    Dec 01, 1954 Đoan Hùng 68 years old

    Vietnamese Army general and politician

    Ma Văn Kháng

    Dec 01, 1936 Hanoi 86 years old


    Nguyễn Văn Bình (judoka)

    Dec 01, 1939 Hanoi 83 years old

    vietnamese judoka

    5 Huy Du

    Huy Du

    Dec 01, 1926 Tiên Du Died on 17 Dec 2007 (aged 81)

    Vietnamese composer

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    English singer-songwriter, rapper and actor