Famous Radio Personality Birthdays, November, 24 in worldwide

Famous Radio Personality Birthdays, November, 24 in worldwide, Browse celebrity birthdays sorted by region of birth, occupation and birthplace and more.

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    Stephen Merchant

    Nov 24, 1974 Bristol 49 years old

    English writer, director, radio presenter, comedian and actor

    Kid Fury

    Nov 24, 1987 Miami 36 years old

    American YouTuber and podcaster

    Bill Nojay

    Nov 24, 1956 Rochester Died on 09 Sep 2016 (aged 59)

    American politician

    Pénélope McQuade

    Nov 24, 1970 Quebec City 53 years old

    Canadian journalist, television presenter and radio host

    Alain Chabat

    Nov 24, 1958 Oran 65 years old

    French actor and director

    Zeinab Badawi

    Nov 24, 1959 Sudan 64 years old

    British broadcaster

    Charles Laquidara

    Nov 24, 1938 Milford 85 years old

    American radio disc jockey & commentator

    Pegeen Fitzgerald

    Nov 24, 1904 Norcatur Died on 30 Jan 1989 (aged 84)

    Jon Hein

    Nov 24, 1967 New York 56 years old

    American broadcaster

    Freddie Webb

    Nov 24, 1942 Manila 81 years old

    Filipino basketball player and politician

    Dave Aizer

    Nov 24, 1974 49 years old

    Television host, writer

    Alyn Shipton

    Nov 24, 1953 Guildford 70 years old

    writer, broadcaster and "Times" jazz critic

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