Famous Voice Actor Birthdays, May, 26 in worldwide

Famous Voice Actor Birthdays, May, 26 in worldwide, Browse celebrity birthdays sorted by region of birth, occupation and birthplace and more.

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    Bobcat Goldthwait

    May 26, 1962 Syracuse 61 years old

    American comedian, actor, film director and screenwriter

    Matt Stone

    May 26, 1971 Houston 52 years old

    American actor, animator, writer, director, producer, singer, and songwriter

    Peggy Lee

    May 26, 1920 Jamestown Died on 21 Jan 2002 (aged 81)

    American recording artist; singer, songwriter, composer and actress

    Genie Francis

    May 26, 1962 Englewood 61 years old

    American actress

    Helena Bonham Carter

    May 26, 1966 London 57 years old

    British actor

    Lenny Kravitz

    May 26, 1964 New York City 59 years old

    American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist

    Elisabeth Harnois

    May 26, 1979 Detroit 44 years old

    American actress

    Hiroki Tōchi

    May 26, 1966 Tokyo 57 years old

    Japanese voice actor

    Simon Prescott

    May 26, 1936 Brooklyn 87 years old

    American actor

    Andre Stojka

    May 26, 1944 Los Angeles 79 years old

    American actor born 1944

    Benji Gregory

    May 26, 1978 Los Angeles 45 years old

    American actor

    Sam Edwards

    May 26, 1915 Macon Died on 28 Jul 2004 (aged 89)

    1915-2004 American actor

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